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Insteon DIN rail, how does this work?


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Not looking to get this at all but was reading about Crestron and saw a lot of DIN rails in the configs then saw Insteon has them also.  I've read the descriptions from Insteon for it but still can't wrap my head around what it does or why you would use it.  If every light switch in my home right now is either a SwitchLinc or KeyPadLinc, what does the DIN add as value and why would someone use one?

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As per Gary above but they are more for hardwiring into a control circuit.

No user buttons and just wiring terminals, like an industrial application would demand.


DIN rail is a fairly worldwide standard for mounting terminal blocks and small electronic components...transducers, fuse blocks etc..

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If your home is wired with the switches inline with the lights, then there is no real value of a DIN rail switch for you. My house had an old GE low voltage lighting panel, where all of the lighting circuits terminated, and the switches were on a separate 24v system. For this, the DIN rail switches were ideal, as I didn't have to rewire the entire house (with a further complication that my house is a 200 year old log cabin, so the walls are solid timber & it would have been incredibly destructive to attempt to rewire it).



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