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Keypadlinc responder not working? Ramp rate of a scene?

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Hello all - newbie here.  I have (among other things) a keypadlinc and 2 2477d's along with my ISY994i.  I set up a scene with keypadlinc.3 as the controller and keypadlinc.1 and the 2477's as the responders.  When I trigger the scene (either by pressing the .3 button or from the isy interface), the 2477d's work fine but the .1 does nothing.  The .1 button DOES control the load on its own when I press it, it's just not responding in the scene.  Am I missing something obvious?


In other news, I have two other 2477'ds, call them switch 1 and 2.  I want switch 1 to turn both 1 and 2 on - so I added them both to a scene, 1 as a controller and 2 as a responder.  That works, except it completely ignores the scene 2 second ramp rate when triggered and acts like a fast on for both (which isn't even the individual device ramp rate of .5 sec).  


Thanks so much for any pointers,



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