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Echo Dot and Fanlinc weirdness


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Got a new Echo Dot 2 yesterday and have it set up to run all my devices perfectly....except for my fanlincs.   I have 3 fanlincs, the office, living room, and bedroom.  I programmed all with "Turn on office fan low", etc with a different command for each speed and off.  Here's the weirdness...All 4 speeds in the office work flawlessly but in the living room only High and OFF work (low and medium also turn the fan off) and in the bedroom only Low and OFF work (medium and high also turn the fan off).  I have tried linking the spoken to a scene (which is what is working perfectly in the office) and I also tried running a program to the device for each.  Both ways are getting the exact same results.   What am I missing here?

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You have three FanLincs and created identical speed programs for each FanLinc and all programs are identical (except for the Insteon ID) and only one set of programs for one fan functions as it should. Is that correct? How do you identify each fan/speed, that is, what are the "spokens" that you're using?

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Exactly.  I set up each of the three FanLincs the same.  Each spoken links to the scene I have set up in the ISY for each speed.  Those scenes work perfectly if I press the button on the fanlinc itself or if I activate it through Mobilinc.  With Alexa the office works perfectly every time but with the living room and bedroom:


Alexa turn on          Bedroom Fan Low             - Works fine

Alexa turn on          Bedroom Fan Medium       - Turns off the fan

Alexa turn on          Bedroom Fan High            - Turns off the fan

Alexa turn off          Bedroom Fan                     - Works fine


Alexa turn on          Living room Fan Low         - Turns off the fan

Alexa turn on          Living room Fan Medium   - Turns off the fan

Alexa turn on          Living room Fan High        - Works fine

Alexa turn off          Living room Fan                - Works fine


The thing that confuses me is that I have also tried creating separate scenes specifically for Alexa, creating programs that activate the scenes, and creating programs that activate the device and everything I try gets the exact same result.  Every time I try something new I "forget all devices" and import the new list.  I just don't understand where the issue is. 

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I finally figured it out but I don't really understand why it was a problem.  I went into the web portal and changed the spoken from "Living room fan (speed)" to "Ceiling fan (speed)" and "Bedroom fan (speed)" to "Master fan (speed)" and now all speeds on all fanlincs work correctly. They are the exact same settings and scenes as before, just the spoken is different.   I have "living room lights" and "bedroom lights" spokens and those work fine so I don't understand why those same phrases caused a problem with the fanlincs.  

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