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Multiple light type control for dimming LED and Incandescent


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OK guys, I have multiple rooms with your standard can lights with incandescent bulbs, but also a fan (fanlinc) with LED light that does not like to dim too much. My question.The can lights + the LED fan light is on a single scene with dimmer switch for each room. Would it be possible to have the LED turn off for anything below 100% so if I want to dim my lights the LED turn off and the can lights dim?



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I'm using a FanLinc with Sylvania dimmable LED bulbs. No problems, no flicker at even low levels. You may want to try a different brand LED bulb with your FanLinc.

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Alas, you are always going to have a problem when you mix LEDs with incandescent on the same dimmer, or even if you mix brands of LEDs. Or even wattages of LEDs or specific products of a given brand.


Most people will find it disturbing when they turn off at different places on the dimming curve!


Experiment until you find something that is "less disturbing".


Otherwise, use a program as shown above.

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Having at least one incandescent bulb on the same dimmer as LED bulb will nearly always eliminate flicker, but expect the dimming rate to be different--by a lot.

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