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Want to Save Money on Insteon Devices?


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Then don't buy them from smarthome.com.


I tried to purchase 3 individual items with the Black Monday flash sale. Although not mentioned, one was EXCLUDED from the sale and also out of stock. But was cheaper on Amazon and in stock. The other two were available from Amazon with less expensive prices even though they were INCLUDED in the Smarthome flash sale AND available for sooner delivery from Amazon with no extra charge (for Prime customers). And that also takes into consideration I pay sales tax with Amazon and I don't with smarthome.com.



Smathome: $138

Amazon: $118 (includes $9 in sales tax. Your state may not)


That makes Smarthome 17% more. And I get them in two days guaranteed with Amazon.


Just a tip. YMMV.



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SH has a generous, but restrictive warranty policy. They nearly always require that you purchased from SH for the warranty. Amazon has a (usually) 30 day return policy, but no warranty. No personal experience, but that's what I've read.


Anyone have a different warranty experience with, specifically, an Amazon purchase and a SH warranty?


Edit: I'm in no way opposed to saving money. More to spend someplace else B)

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The product is warranted just the same if purchased through Amazon.  When you call to do an RMA they will require you to send them a copy of the amazon invoice which is more of a pain than them easily being able to look it up.  Other than that slight annoyance I've he'd no issues RMAing devices purchased through Amazon direct with SmartHome.

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