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thermostat settings in ISY log


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Does ISY log save current room temperature or does it only save "set up" temperature set by user? I remember it has a record of set up one but potentially it can also have a record of the current room temperature since it has a sensor, right?


Also, how to convert the temperature value saved by ISY to the real temperature?


Thank a lot.

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The answer to your question really depends on the thermostat you are using. A Z-Wave thermostat will generally report temperature changes to the ISY as they happen which are logged. Some thermostats are better at doing that than others. As to the conversion, most will report the temperature without conversion whether set to Farenheight or Celsius. Any that report fractions of degrees (I don't know of any, may report the temperature x 2).


Edit: I thought I was in the Z-Wave forum. Sorry!. Insteon thermostats should report temperature changes, I think they do report temperature x 2, but it's been along time since I used an Insteon thermostat, they were too unreliable for me.

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