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Geofence Issue


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I'm running MobiLinc Pro on IOS.  ISY has the latest updates installed.


I created a new geofence location in MobiLinc, and at the same time deleted two others that I no longer needed.  When I go into Programs on the ISY Admin console, the variable dropdown shows only the two old (deleted) geofence locations, and not the new one.


I did a reset of the ISY, and all other MobiLinc functions appear to be working properly.


Any suggestions? I'm sure I'm missing something simple ..

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Hi Al,


One thing you may not know is you must close the Admin Console before deleting or adding geo-fences with variable changes. The reason is the Admin Console doesn't pick up on changes MobiLinc is doing to the ISY when creating/deleting variables. 


To get back straightened out, please:

- Close the Admin Console

- Open MobiLinc and delete your geo-fences and geo-fence variables.

- Open the Admin Console and confirm or delete and save the unneeded variables.

- Close the Admin Console.

- Open MobiLinc and recreate your geo-fence with variable.

- Open the Admin Console and confirm your variable appears.



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