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ISY994 Power LED


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I currently have my ISY994 installed in my den next to my TV.  In this position it is convenient and easily allows me to use Harmony IR remote.  I find that the blue power LED on the ISY994 is really bright and somewhat blinding for that location so I would like to open the ISY and place a resistor in series with the LED (yes I do have excellent electronic design and soldering skills).  I have removed the 3 screws on the bottom of the ISY in an attempt to gain access to the inside.  However, I must be missing a hidden screw or something since the bottom does not want to easily come off.  Any help would be appreciated as tape, paint or heat shrink tubing over the LED is professionally in acceptable to me.  Thanks..

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BTW, once you complete this project, can you share your results?   Specifically the resistor value you selected, and any tips for other interested folks who might like to try this?


I'd like very much to get rid of the chunk of black electrical tape on mine -- which was my solution to that intense blue laser-beam emitted by the ISY.  Dunno why manufacturers fell in love with those horrible blue leds; the soft green ones worked just fine and were far easier on the eyes.

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You could always purchase those LED dimming stickers. Seems to work well for lots of folks.





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