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Echo Controlling Insteon Door Lock Controller (2862-222)


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Hey All.


I have been integrating ISY and Insteon with my Echo account.  For the most part, there have been no issues and things are working great.


I am tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to integrate the Insteon Lock Controller to lock and unlock my front door.


The Device has been added to Insteon.  It created two devices, one for the locked setting and another for unlocked.


I have tried adding the devices as devices, but that does not work.  I've also tried creating a scene with the door lock in it, as well as programs to unlock and lock the door. And this has not worked either.  Everytime I tell Alexa to unlock the front door or Ask Izy to unlock the front door or Ask Izy to Run Unlock Front Door, she just seems confused.


Is there a step by step out there on how to do this?


Thanks in advance.


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Door lock control on a cloud based internet service? Have you read the Amazon TOS? Make sure you post on FB the next time you go on vacation and place the Echo next to a window. Thanks.

LOL. I think no one remembers HAL.


I'm Gary Funk and I approved this message.

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