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Multiple ZWave and Insteon netowrks


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I am planning on getting a 2nd 994i for v5 testing etc.  I have a full Insteon / zwave installation in my home.  Can I simply setup a 2nd parallel Insteon and zwave network(s) and they will not interfere with each other since they are controlling different dedicated devices (devices will only be in Setup A or Setup B, never both for obvious reasons).   


I don't want to create a problem for myself.  



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Short answer: Yes.


Long answer:   Yes, but...


for each communication path (Z-Wave, Insteon RF, Insteon Powerline) the separate "networks" will be using the same frequencies as one another, so there is an added chance of collisions (mostly missed transmissions).   Probably won't be noticeable if the second network has just a few devices on it.

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I've been running a second ISY with a handful of Insteon and Zwave devices for about a year now - mainly for testing alphas. My two ISYs talk to each other via the network modules, and Fe not had any issues at all.

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