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Got an Echo ... what is a good device and scene naming convention


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Seeking a bit of guidance on the naming of devices and scenes in the ISY system, to have the easiest transition with voice control.

Just went through a faulty PLM replacement. Got the Echo dot.  Eager to try Alexa with my insteon stuff (and stop depending on that long html browser list of on/off buttons)



My plug devices were previously all named L1 name L2 Name AL 1 name AL2 Name


Which not too long ago I tweaked to 

Lamp Living (L1) Christmas Tree (L2) ... 

Lamp post (AL1) Malibu lights (AL2) Pond pump (AL3) ...


Some hardwired stuff 

Water Heater MBA

BAS Lights 



Which reminded me which labeled insteon device something was plugged into, as some have been seasonal outside / inside .


The scenes are pretty simple

Front Landscape SC

Flood Lights SC

Christmas SC


But I'm guessing I better drop the (nn) and the SC stuff... 

What else might be handy to sort my stuff logically?
Right now it all is still a long list in ISY 

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You can continue to use the device, scene and program names that make the most sense to you. The choice for the verbal name can be anything you want.


For example, I have a scene called LR Audio Power that includes a KPL button, SynchroLinc and IR Transmitter. The spoken is "stereo."

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My original setup including dividing the house up into folders for the floor and room, placing devices inside each room and naming them "Keypad" or "Dimmer" or something along those lines. When I went to setup the echo, I now had a list of 20 "Keypads" and 20 "Dimmers" w/o any useful way to figure out which was which. So I had to re-think my naming scheme and now the device names are more useful like "Master Bedroom Lights" :)

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