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dimming a scene


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I know this has been asked before but I can not find the thread that discussed it.  I want to set a scene to a specific brightness using the rest command described in the developers SDK  to wit:



   /rest/nodes/<node-id>/cmd/DOF - turn off a device or a scene
   Insteon - /rest/nodes/<node-id>/cmd/DON/128 - turn on a scene to 50%


I send the command to a scene using the managed scene address.

The response is succeeded=true status 200 However the scene intensity goes to 100%. it is as if the value after the DON is disregarded.


I sort of remember there being a BMAN BMAN/1 and an SMAN command that will dim and brighten scenes.  Is this described anywhere?


Any assistance appreciated



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You can only turn on or off a scene. You cannot turn it on to some level other than 100%. For that, you'll need separate scenes.


When the address is a scene address, the number after DON is ignored. It's only useful for devices.


This is because a scene is a logical construct of a specific combination of devices, each with a specific brightness. Scenes have no status, and no 'current level'.

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Okay so the documentation is wrong. I do remember a BMAN (begin brightness) that if sent would start raising the brightness level until a termination command (SMAN as I recall) was sent. I am sure this worked but I can not recall the format of the commands. can any one point me to info on these commands?


Perhaps  what I am remembering only applied to devices.  I hate when I can't remember stuff

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MWareman.  Thanks I just realized what you said about the operation of a scene. Since I am running on an iPad The only solution I see, if I want to be able to set the light level of a scene is to adjust all the scene members which are "Dimmers".


What confused me is that in the Admin console when you look at a scene there are buttons to brighten it and dim it, and the percentage of illumination of each member is also shown.  The scene I look at only had dimmable devices so it appeared that the illumination % was for the entire scene. 


I now have to decide if it is worth the effort to write the code or just leave it that scenes in my home cannot be easily dimmed from the ipads. 

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