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Yet Another Motion Sensor Question


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I had 2 MS set up & after 8 years both suddenly died on me. They no longer sent on/off status updates to the ISY & programs were no longer triggered.


I replaced 1; no probs. ISY reported On then Off status as expected. I purchased a 2nd one on ebay & installed it too. Then I noticed the 2nd MS status is always ON, never OFF. However any motion does send a new ON trigger as programs function properly.


So my question is does the MS have settings that turn reporting features ON or OFF? Are these features controlled by the ISY? OR did I get a defective MS?


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The motion detector is in "On-Only Commands" mode. Check inside that Jumper 4 is not installed. If you have Remote Management Mode enabled (Jumper 5 installed), then click on the MD device in the tree and then click the Options button at the bottom. Uncheck the "On commands only" box.


Many people put a motion detector into the "On commands only" mode (no Off messages sent), so that they can use a program-timer to extend the On time of any controlled lights.

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