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8 button switch


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Been working with ISY for a while but I'm stumped on one thing.  I have an 8 button switch on my desktop to control, lamps, overhead lights, etc on my desk.  Everything seems OK except when I turn on a light via program/timer, the button doesn't light up and think it is on.


I turn on the light via the timer, the button is a controller if the scene, but still doesn't light up and turn on.


Any ideas of what I am missing?


Thanks and happy new year.





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Hi Andrew, happy new year to you too!


In the program, are you turning the light as a device on directly, or the scene associated with key and light? You want to "set scene xxxx on" to get the key to light up too, if you're not doing that.


Turning the light on directly vs scene would match the symptoms you're reporting. 




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