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Wireless Thermostat Reliability


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I have been reluctant to automate my pool heater for years because I didn't want to find out my pool had been heating when I didn't want it to or temp not be right.  After getting a Echo I decided to go ahead and make the move.  After some tinkering I got the programing to work the way I wanted.  When the thermostat called for heat it would turn on and off as needed based on if the thermostat was calling for heat or not.  I got relaxed in checking up on the programming and let it run for a little more than a week. When I checked it again the pool was 99 degrees though the thermostat was set for 89 degrees.  Of course it had to happen.  Why was the thermostat calling for heat when it was set to 89 and the actually temp was 99?  The only way I could stop it was to turn the thermostat off, lowering the temp did not turn off call for heat.  Can't wait to get my gas bill.  See below the two different times I checked the thermostat and both times it was set to 89 and still calling for heat when was 10 degrees above it.



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Sounds like a shorted control line.


What brand and model of thermostat?


What "programming"?


Does the thermostat work correctly just on it's own, without the ISY doing anything with it?


Kind of an out-there possibility, but are home HVAC thermostats (especially "smart" ones) designed to work with pool heaters? It may be too smart for it's britches, and get terribly confused by the radically different thermal characteristics of rooms full of air vs a pool full of water.


And not to skip the obvious, but you have a thermocouple plugged into some thermostat that accepts an external input, not letting the thermostat measure the air temperature, right? ;)

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