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Z-Wave secondary controller - Aeon Z-stick


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I thought others might be interested to know that mirgating to a zstick was actually fairly easy. I downloaded the free trial of homeseer, added the zstick to it, then put it into learn mode. I put the ISY into "add a zwave device", did the usual "try it 3 or 4 times" to get the ISY to work and it finally added it, but just kind of half way because it never showed up in the ISY interface, but it was added to the zwave network and was able to scan my devices. Once it had scanned my devices I was able to import all of the devices from the zstick into homeseer and viola! everything. just. worked.  Just for grins I tried adding the minimote I have had for over a year but been unable to use with my ISY into homeseer and it added it with no issues and now I have full control of the minimote and can use it to control 8 devices. Took me like 3 minutes to program it in homeseer. Then I added the Enerwave scene controllers that I had in a drawer because they don't work with the UDI either and bingo - those things work like a charm too.  It's like Christmas in freaking April around here with all the stuff I can finally use. Sometimes....it's just good to let go.  :-)

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