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Aeotech Siren Gen 5 - High-pitched noise after a little while


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Howdy all!


I was curious if anyone currently using the AeoTech Siren Gen5 is getting a high-pitched sound coming out of their siren.  I'm obviously not talking about the Siren noise itself, but more like an electrical "hiss".


Something like what happened when you left an old tube TV on or a tube Monitor on without a signal going to it.


It's extremely annoying and I'm wondering if it's just something I'm stuck with, or if my device might be a little defective.


Other than the noise, it works perfectly fine.  I'm really only using it as a repeater because that's what everyone recomments.



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Yes, mine too. It's behind a couch so I don't hear it normally, but when I get up close it I can hear the whine.

Thanks Andy!  I think I'm going to swap it out for a doorbell module and see if that clears it up.  I'm in need of a new doorbell anyway.  Unfortunately I can't hide it anywhere, I need it located where it is to repeat the signal effectively.

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I just checked my Aeotech doorbell, it is silent while idle.

I have a doorbell on order...  I'll report back with my status.  It will be pretty easy to tell the difference for me.


Thanks for the sanity check everyone!

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