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Insteon Thermostat 2441TH Communications Fix


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I've seen multiple concerns/complaints online when it comes to the communications problems with the Insteon Thermostat 2441TH.  Mine was so atrocious that I had to drape a repeater over the top of the thermostat just to get it to link to the ISY994i.  Even after I was able to get it linked, it still had very, very low reliability when trying to set the heat and cool temperatures.


With that said, I think I have a fix for it.  This requires disassembling the thermostat, so if you're uncomfortable doing that, I don't recommend doing this.


DISCLAIMER: I assume that this will void any warranty you may still have on your device, so any modifications you make are your responsibility.  Also, I will not provide any further instructions beyond what I list here.


You'll have to remove the thermostat from your wall, of course, so take care to follow Insteon's instructions to do so.  After that, open the back of the thermostat to access the printed circuit board.  Remove all 9 phillips-head screws.  Carefully lift the board away from the thermostat case.  The "front' of the circuit board has the LCD, while the "back" has all the circuitry.


The antenna is the problem.  While looking at the back of the board, you can find the antenna on the right side.  It's a black wire that runs vertically along the right side, then through a cutout at the top of the board, then horizontally along the top-front of the board.


Carefully unwrap the antenna wire from the cutout in the top of the board, and carefully straighten it out so that it points perpendicular to the circuit board.  (If the board is laying flat, the wire should now be pointing back toward you.)  Reattach the circuit board to the housing using the 9 phillips-head screws.


Now, cut a very small hole in the left side of the round, felt backing on the back of the thermostat housing.  (By left, I mean the opposite side of the large cut in the backing used for the HVAC wires.)  Bend the antenna wire so that it runs horizontally back to the slit you just cut.  Then bend the wire a second time to run through the slit, perpendicular to the thermostat housing.  Note, be careful not to let the antenna wire rest on the board or touch the board itself.  Bend the wire accordingly, making sure that when you're finished, the wire pokes out the back of the device (like it has a tail).

​Finally, practice closing the thermostat body so that you don't having anything binding on the antenna.  That way you know you'll be able to open it anytime without ripping the antenna wire from the circuit board.


Reinstall your thermostat, following the instructions from Insteon.  Your antenna should now be more receptive to signals coming from other devices along the same wall.

​This slight modification worked great for me as now my thermostat responds immediately to any temperature changes I make via the ISY994i, and also reports temperature and humidity levels consistently and reliably.

​I hope this helps!

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