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Honeywell TCC: Cool/Heat is running status box


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Hi io_guy,


I noticed my android phone gui for the Honeywell thermostat shows when the system is cooling by saying Cool is running. I presume but have not checked that if the heat were running it would say Heat is running. Was wondering if you could, when you have time, add that to NodeLink? I would like to use it for keeping track of run time for filter replacements.




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Can you grab me a log that shows what's returned from the webpage?


The Android App may be using the unreleased API which I do not have access to.  Keep in mind that if I can grab it, we still only poll every 5 minutes so your resolution for runtime will be a little ugly.

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Hello io_guy,

I came across this and wondered if this would help with adding system running to Nodelink?

Get current fan settings for specified DeviceID


{ "allowedModes": [ "Auto", "Auto", "Auto" ], "changeableValues": { "mode": "Auto" }, "fanRunning": true }

Field Name/Location Data Type Definition
allowedModes Array Shows allowed modes for fan: On, Auto, Circulate
changeableValues Object Values you can change
changeableValues.mode String Current setting for fan mode
fanRunning Boolean

Current fan state

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