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Devices in certain scenes are not reliably being turned off


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I have a couple of problem scenes where some of the devices within are not being controlled reliably.  When I issue a "Alexa, turn off Fan"  I get an "ok" but the device doesn't actually turn off.  I have to issue the command several times.

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In the admin console, are you able to turn on/off the scene reliably?


When you issue a command using Alexa, only a single REST API is called for the scene. Devices in the scene should all follow the settings, or not at all. In other words, either the scene on/off works, or not.


If it does not work, I suspect that echo is understanding another device, and turning it on/off. But first, make sure the scene works as expected using the admin console.



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You may also want to try turning on and off individual devices. Maybe you have an insteon or ZWave communication problem?


If the problem is indeed the scene, I'm not the best suited to help you as I personally don't use scenes much. But I know that those who could help would need more informations like what you have in the scene exactly, and we you are experiencing. They will also want to know what there is in the event viewer. 


I would suggest a new post in Questions and answers.



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Good advice.  Turns out the scene is not reliable.


Now what?  How can I fix this scene?


run a "scene test" on the scene you're having a problem with by right clicking on the scene name. This will give you a diagnostic report that can help narrow down the issue.

Copy and paste the report in a post

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