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MobiLinc (iOS) version 4.12 Camera Events with Intelligent Vision Alerts


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Hi Folks,





We are VERY excited to announce a MASSIVE new feature to MobiLinc HD, MobiLinc Pro, and Orchestrated MobiLinc for iOS/iPhone: Camera Events!






Camera Events






Our iOS 4.12 release this morning adds in a huge new feature for all IP Camera owners called Camera Events. It works with any IP Camera and can record motion events and intelligently notify your iOS devices if your camera's detected motion was due to a person or a car.






Up on our Camera Events website we put together a demo video of Camera Events followed by the complete setup using an INSTEON camera. This works with any IP Camera capable of sending emails which most support: http://mobilinc.com/features/camevents


















Camera Event Features 






All MobiLinc Camera Event subscriptions features the following:






  • Works with any IP Camera that is capable of sending emails based on motion or sound. Nearly all IP Cameras such as FOSCAM, INSTEON, Sharx, TrendNet, Hikvision, Y-Cam, Wi-Fi Baby, and many more are capable of sending email. Check your camera's manual for email sending capability.
  • Supports 7, 15, or 30 days of history.
  • Mute notifications if you are home or away.
  • Many customization options for notifications tailored to your needs like rate limiting, muting all, and temporary mute.
  • Supports up to 5 cameras.
  • Yearly auto-renewing subscription through iTunes with a cancel at any time free 2-week trial. Change/Upgrade your subscription at any point.




Added features unlocked with the 15 and 30 day motion event history subscriptions:



  • Intelligent Vision Notifications: Limit your notifications to only if your camera sees a person or car.
  • HD Mode: Full camera resolution images.




Let me know what you think (support@mobilinc.com) and anything interesting your camera's happen to catch!





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The new camera DVR and motion notification feature is an awesome addition to and already excellent app.


I used to get false positive motion alerts from my garage camera every time a moth would fly in the FOV. With the intelligent people and car detection enabled, my cameras still send a motion event but MLHD will suppress the notification.

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One feature we're thinking about adding in for those that use cameras to track wildlife is to visually recognize when an animal causes the motion and to alert you. If you use your cameras like this would you email me sample images that your camera has caught so we can investigate how our AI reads these pictures? IE we need to get a range of sample images to see how animals are identified and this will inform us on how best to add in "game" detection to the list of alerts.


If you have any sample images of animals walking in front of your cameras, please send these to: support@mobilinc.com




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So if your motion detection zone is limited to an area of the camera viewing and you limit it to just a person or a car you could really limit the alerts.  Am I understanding this correctly?  Basically Mobilinc acts as a filter?

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Hi Dr. Pepper,


Thanks for the question. You have total control of what level of notifications you want. If you want to be notified each time the camera detects motion (regardless of people/cars) you can do that. Most cameras, and especially ones outside, will false alarm trigger constantly which makes them not as useful as they could be. Paired with Camera Events and turning on People and/or Car detection will nearly eliminate the false positives and you'll get real actionable notifications.


If you watch the video I linked to above from the website I go through all the notification settings available as of today:

- Notify on all motion (this will notify you on everything the service receives for your camera).

- Mute all.

- Rate Limit.

- Limit to a geo-fence (inside or outside).

- People or Car detection.


Basically Mobilinc acts as a filter?



The cloud service we created that ingests the camera's motion event emails will look at your iOS device's settings for that camera and make a decision based on what your notification settings are to decide if it should notify your iOS device(s). In all cases, the motion events are saved to your account for your review according to your 7, 15, or 30 day history plan selected for that camera.



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