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Major Errors?


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I think I just had a significant event.  I suddenly see the green 1011 icon indicating a pending write to a Keypad Linc, 2 Fan Lincs, an inline linc and an outlet.  All of these devices have stopped working.  I've tried factory resets, deleting and re-linking them, but I can't get any of them to work or to clear the green 1011 icon.  Is it possible for all 5 of these devices to have gone bad at once?  Are there any other steps I can take?

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I would suspect something else with that many things at one time.

Maybe a real bad power line signal noise maker or signal sucker. Has anything changed electronically in the home?


Due to their poor reputation. I routinely think of PLM issues.

How old is your PLM?

Can you see how many links are in the PLM Link Database?

Is the LED on the PLM On and Green?

If you power down the PLM and ISY994i. Then power up the PLM and allow it to initialize. Then power up the ISY994i. Has anything changed?

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To add to Brian's answer, 


If the devices quit working locally, it sounds like a power blip. Are are the devices, especially the keypads, buzzing, chirping or experiencing unexpected behavior when pressing the buttons?



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If it was a power blip causing the issue.

An AC power cycle to the module may correct it.

Remove the AC power from the module. Wait fifteen seconds and power it back up.

The Air Gap switch on modules can do the cycle. As long as when you push it back in. You don't go farther than its normal position. If pushed all the way in it does a Factory Reset.

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Thanks guys for your responses and your input.  Looks like this one was an RTFM issue.  I did replace a dead PLM about a month ago.  I didn't realize you were supposed to restore settings (File|Restore Modem (PLM)) when you replace a PLM.  What threw me off was not all of my components failed.  75% of my infrastructure still worked.  After performing the restore, everything began performing as expected.


Thanks again.

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