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Mobilinc Crashing on iOS


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Has anyone else experienced Mobilinc crashing on iOS devices?  For me, it most often happens when I first open the app after not using it for a while.  Usually, if I immediately open it a 2nd time, it will work long enough for me to turn on/off a device...but then randomly crashes later. Specifics:


iPhone 7 Plus

iOS 10.3.1

Mobilinc Pro 4.12

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Hi pdxcav,


Almost certainly this is due to a corrupted database and may be related to your other issue you posted about. If you have another iOS with MobiLinc that's working you can copy settings from one to the other under "Settings". Select "I'm Receiving" first, then "I'm Sending". If not, I would strongly recommend that you:

1. Delete MobiLinc.

2. Reboot the iPhone.

3. Reinstall MobiLinc from the App store.


If you have another iOS device, I would also recommend that you sync with your ISY with MobiLinc from the other iOS device to verify that the issue is locally related to your iPhone and not due to something unknown from the ISY.



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