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Intermatic Pool Valve Actuator Control with ISY


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Hi All

I am trying to control an Intermatic valve actuator for my pool with ISY, if possible. The Actuator runs on 24 V AC and has three wires red, white and black.  I do not know how to turn it on of off using either Insteon or ZWave device. I read that something like a Outlinc 2450 low voltage relay may be able to control it. However, I cannot find any wiring diagram on how to connect the devices together and honestly using two relays will make things complicated and difficult to setup. I guess I need a Double throw and Double Pole  kind of relay or something similar for low AC voltages. 


Has anyone else tried this before and has some knowledge to share on this topic, any ideas are welcome.


I do not want to buy a $375 Intermatic controller as this is the only valve that needs controlling.




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If the valve has limit switches or can be held open or closed with the 24VAC. The 2450 I/OLinc NO and NC relay outputs and a 24VAC supply should work.

Reason I ask about limit switches or holding open and closed. Is 24VAC will be active on either the Open or Closed wiring all the time. So it has to stop with a internal limit switch or designed to be held open and closed.


I would imagine if you had to. You could use an On/Off module to control power to the 24VAC supply and then the 2450 to open and close the valve itself.


As Stu asked. If you can provide a link to the valve or its model number. It would be a big help.


I did a web search. I found a manual for a PE24VA Pool Valve.

If your is a PV24VA or similar. It has Limit Switches to stop it when the valve is open or closed. So a 24VAC supply and a 2450 I/OLinc should control it.

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