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Link Open/Close Sensor to Hub and ISY?


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I'm using a pressure activated mat connected to an open/close sensor to tell me if someone is at the front door (also activate a couple of little spotlights and send text).  I'd like to use the Alert Module instead of the tacky beeper I'm using now inside the house.  But, as we know, the ISY does not support the Alert Module.  Since I also have an Insteon Hub (which does support it), can I link the open/close sensor to the Hub in addition to the ISY without issues?



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Thanks, good to know, but I just realized it won't work for me.  I have code in there to disable the alert system for 10 minutes when the front door is opened so if you're going in and out, getting groceries, etc., it won't drive you crazy.  This would bypass that function.  I guess the Alert Module will go back on the shelf, maybe I can find a less tacky beeper.  Or. . .  hello. . .   Echo push voice alerts!   :-)

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