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ISY controller other devices via Web Service Calls?


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I dont see anything in the UI so I think I am out of luck but figured I would ask anyways.


I have LED Strip Lights that are controlled via REST POST webservices calls. 


I would love button A on my multi-button inston light panel to trigger this LED strip. I can even write a middleware so all the ISY has to do is simply visit (HTTP GET) http://whatever/mydevicename/on 


Is there anyway to have this happen? Seems overdue to be honest in today's modern world of web services. I would pay for a module if needed.

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Hi Eric


One of the things that the Network Module does is exactly that; program controlled network calls in various formats.


You can either buy the network module outright, or its included as part of the ISY Portal subscription. Its in the Admin Console under Help/Purchase Modules



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