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ISY ZW and ELK assistance

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Have extensive ZWave network on ELK M1 but maxing out M1 rules and ZWave node limits on the Leviton VCOP (apparently, it can only handle up to 24 nodes).  Decided to add an ISY w\ ZWave to the system to expand both I\O and programming capabilities.  Got the ISY994i-ZW unit and ELK  integration module and things seem to be working OK between them for most extents.  Can see and control M1 "standard" I\O fine from ISY and have access to all the M1 variables.  The ISY ZW setup was very easy and so was adding new ZW nodes to ISY.  I can control the ISY ZW nodes from ISY just fine.


The problem however is accessing the ISY ZW nodes from the M1.  The instructions had me export\import the ISY node list into the lighting section of M1, and it seems to have accepted them, but nothing happens when I try to control them from the M1.  Nor do I get current status.  Everything else seemed to go as expected and the rest works fine, just not the ZW integration.  Did I miss something?


ELK apparently communicates with ISY via the network, so its not directly ZW-to-ZW, so I'm not sure what else to do.  Do the ISY and ELK need to be directly on the same network segment together?  They're both on the same home network, just connected to different switches.


I also have a couple questions:


1) My ZWave outlets are usually classified as "appliances" in the ELK setup, but these were imported from ISY as "on\off switches".  Does that matter? 


2) The node import file included the following: <type></type>  which I assume defines the type of Zwave device.  Is there documentation that lists what each digit means?


Thanks in advance.

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