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I don't know where this came from, but I found a 2413UH PLM in my box of rejects and X10 items.  I know my ISY needs the serial version, but, if I change the USB daughter board in this one to the Serial version, should it work?


I have a blown up 2413S that re-capping did not fix, but I have swapped the serial board into a known working 2413S and it works.


Just wondering before I pitch it.

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The 2413UH is the purchased HouseLinc version of the PLM.

It has a different Subcategory ID number in the main boards firmware. To the ISY994i it may not matter. It did if you tried to use a 2413U with the purchased  version of HouseLinc.


I have swapped Serial and USB PLM Daughter Boards and for me they worked.

It may not work but should not emit the magic electronic smoke.

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I think I gave you some information that maybe not be 100% correct.


I now remember that I was swapping 2412S/U PLM Daughter Boards and 2414S/U PLC Daughter Boards.


In the 2412S/U the swap was fine. I imagine the 2413S/U {same basic daughter boards with a faster speed EEPROM memory chip} would be OK also.

Even the 2414S serial board would work in the 2412S PLM. I have some early 2412S PLM unit with 2414S Serial Daughter Boards in them. The added RTC clock chip and battery where ignored along with the much larger memory size.


The USB board between a 2414U and 2412U would not work. As they have a different baud rate.

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