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ISY Java Web Start on Synology


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Shot in the dark--


Does anyone have a tutorial or theories about how to run the admin.jnlp web start app on a Synology box?  I would like to be able to write and modify ISY programs from an iPad web browser.  Since iPad will not run java, I thought perhaps I could get the Synology box to run the ISY java app, and then access the ISY GUI through iPad web browser.  I can run Docker containers but not sure what docker project would work for this.  


Have tried Tomcat, but I must not be doing it right, because the app would not load


Unfortunately I am not a linux genius, but I have some basic competence with CLI.  


Any ideas would be much appreciated!


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Alas, the ISY console is not that type of Java app.


You're thinking of the server-side Java program -- the so-called "web application" -- the one that runs so very much of the internet and intranets of our world.  The far-less-common type of Java application is not a web application at all, but an ordinary program with it's own non-web-based GUI.  Kinda like how "notepad.exe" runs on your Windows desktop.  The former Java application runs (among other ways) on Tomcat, and is something that one might reasonably host on a Synology server.  The latter, however, runs on your desktop, requires a monitor and keyboard on the local host, and has nothing to do with Tomcat or any other web app container -- exactly like "notepad.exe" and other native Windows applications.


So, you'll need either a Windows system, a Mac, or a Linux system to run the ISY console.  Sorry.

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Thanks for that clear explanation!


I have a linux box, i.e., the Synology NAS.  But it is headless, not connected to a monitor.  I suppose I need to install a graphics driver on the Synology box and then connect my iPad browser to that socket.   But I am not advanced at Linux, so this seems out of reach for me without a step by step tutorial.  


I think I will try running a docker container of a standard Linux distribution with VNC capability.  Then I can VNC into the Linux instance on docker, and run the ISY console from the docker Linux instance.  Seems a bit cloodgy but I am out of other ideas!


Thanks for helping think through this.

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