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Selling z-wave multi-sensors


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Not sure if this is allowed.... (if not allowed, please let me know.)


I am abandoning the Z-wave protocol. Turns out I have issues in my immediate neighborhood with neighbors that utilizes things in the 900MHz spectrum, so I do not have a lot of reliability with Z-Wave. (I started with Insteon, and wanted the sensors to give me additional data, but it was problematic for me, so I have ditched and I have gone back to Insteon.) And by so doing, I am dumping my Z-wave sensors (temperature, humidity, light, motion). I purchased them for $35 each, but I am willing to sell them to someone in the ISY community for $20 each (plus shipping). I have 10 of these sensors. I also have 2 Aeotec Range Extenders, purchased for $30 each, yours for $20 each. If someone wants to buy the entire package I will sell it for $200 (plus shipping). (Valued at $410 total.)


Anyone interested?

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