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All my Z-Wave devices stopped working


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So I've had an ISY setup with a dozen or so Z-Wave devices running flawlessly for a couple of years.

A few days ago all of my devices stopped working.

I tried a variety of things. Deleting all of my devices and re-adding them.

Restoring my configuration from a backup file.

In no circumstance was I able to add back any of my original devices. I was however able to add a new (never added to my original setup) GE Z-Wave Outdoor switch:


Noting that I added it from close range I physically moved my ISY to within a few feet of one of my non working devices, but was still unable to add it.

All of the devices in question were either an in-wall dimmer or outlet:




and I tried removing the air gap thing from the dimmer.

I still can't add anything and I feel like the only conclusion that makes sense is that these things were all fried simultaneously by some kind of surge.

Is there something else I could try? Is there an easy way to test the Z-Wave devices themselves? I do have some new devices laying around I could replace one of the busted devices with, but I don't really want to go there yet.

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When you attempt to include and/or exclude a Z-Wave device to the ISY, a panel pops up indicating that it's listening for a Z-wave device. If it finds one, then the panel closes. What's the result if you try to exclude an errant devices at least twice (after closing the panel if a device is not found the first time).

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The correct method for removing Z-Wave devices is using Z-Wave tools. Although instructions included with Z-Wave devices explain including/deleting devices, the ISY deletes the icon of the device, but he Z-wave module is unaware of any device removed that wasn't deleted through Z-Wave tools. The ISY and therefore you can't see the deleted device the device, but the Z-Wave module can.


Using the ISY to delete Z-Wave devices will cause problems, but you can recover from that. Start with Z-Wave, Tools, Synchronize Nodes, All. Then exclude devices. See post t#2. You may need to force remove some devices.

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So I restored from my backup and synced all my Z-Wave devices. That brought me down to just the one outdoor switch I had previously added in my first description.

At some point during all of this I had reset the Z-Wave dongle which would explain this.

However I am still unable to add or exclude (though presumably the reset makes this unnecessary) any of my existing devices.

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So after a number of restore from backups, firmware upgrades, dongle resets and attempts to exclude devices I was able to coax one wall outlet back to life.

So all of my devices being killed off by some surge now seems unlikely but I have been unable as of yet to add another device back to my network.

Do the devices themselves carry state that I might need to wipe about which networks they belong to?

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