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1wire setup


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Im trying to get 1wire going using a RPI2 1wire host adapter but am not having much luck.


Nodelink is installed and running and I have added a 1wire device on Nodelink and can see it created a OneWire device on the ISY under Network->ISY->One wire.  I have ISY Data device also created with Nodelink and it is working perfectly.  Problem is I dont see any of my sensors. 


Is there something else I need to install on the Pi?


If I click Install ISY Nodes I get this message in the log


2017-10-24 02:50:33 - ISY NodeLink Server v0.8.2 started
2017-10-24 02:50:33 - Mono version: (tarball Mon Sep 18 19:09:10 UTC 2017)
2017-10-24 02:50:34 - ISY resolved to
2017-10-24 02:50:36 - Web config server started (
2017-10-24 02:50:38 - ISY Node Server config detected (profile 1)
2017-10-24 02:50:43 - Rotating logfile [owfs1]
2017-10-24 02:50:43 - Auto-Update: Checking for program update...
2017-10-24 02:50:43 - New logfile created [owfs1]
2017-10-24 02:50:44 - Auto-Update: No web update available
2017-10-24 03:03:00 - ISY Error: Status 400 (NODE_ALREADY_EXISTS): ns/1/nodes/n001_owfs1/add/OneWire?primary=n001_owfs1&name=OneWire&nls=139OW
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