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Google Home room strategy


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I have two google home minis, and will be probably getting a few more. When I setup my ISY scenes and devices in the Portal, should I set each one to a it’s own room?


I tried “turn on the lights” and unfortunately it turned on EVERYTHING. Now I’m paranoid. I would like to be able to say “turn on the lights” where my bedroom GH mini hears me, and it executes a specific scene. I don’t want it turning on my bedroom fan, nor do I want it doing anything elsewhere in the house. It should know that when then bedroom mini hears “The lights” it means something very specific.


Is this how GH works?

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I am planning on getting a Google Home for Christmas along with Google Home Minis for most every room.  To get prepared, I just installed the ISY Portal and began adding "spokens" for various lights, scenes, and programs.  I was kind of assuming/hoping that by assigning devices to rooms, I could also assign Google Home Minis to rooms and say "turn on the lights", and based on which Google Mini heard me, it would only turn on the lights in that room.  It sounds like that is not the case though?  So if my son John is in his room and wants the lights on, he will have to say "Turn on John's lights" instead of "Turn on the lights"?  Even if I have assigned everything to rooms?


Also, let's say I am going to turn on multiple lights.  Do I have to say "Ok, Google,,," before every command, or once I have said it once, it will continue to listen to me for a while?



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I still have not been able to find a good way to tell the Google Home in each room to turn on lights in the same room On with the same commend in each room.


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Are the two Google Home devices within earshot of each other at a "normal" voice level?

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Same problem here. I can say turn off family room lights or turn off kitchen lights if they are all setup in rooms properly. But a turn off lights command turns off all my lights in house no matter which if my four google homes hears it.


Would be nice for it to recognize rooms because it really breaks down when I’m trying to rename and remember what I called my 25+ lights in house. I want to be in family room and tell it to turn off the lamp and it should know this is family room lamp.

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