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Insteon motion 2842-222 program into ISY

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I have the UDI ISY also my system is set up and working.  I cannot find the procedure on how to integrate a motion (inseton 2842-222)  to control a light, its programmed into the admin software and working.  I cant find the documentation on how to program a motion to operate a light..



Steve Kopcial

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There is no special documentation. You simply add it as a controller of a scene that has the device you want to control as a member, the same as with any other device.

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Hi Steve

You can:


1- Use the isy to create a scene, where the motion sensor is the controller and the switch is a responder. The settings of the motion sensor will dictate how long the light stays on. No isy program needed.


2- no scene, write an isy program, where the 'If' statement looks for the motion sensor to be turned on:


If Control mymotionsenor is switched on


Set mylight on

Wait x minutes

Set mylight off


3- a mix of 1 and 2. Create a scene and configure the motion sensor to send On only. Have a program check for the ms switched on, then wait x minutes and turn it off





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