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Happy 2nd Birthday, Nodelink


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Nodelink was released 2 years ago for V5 firmware. These are the currently supported devices; all through a single ISY V5 Node:

  • Venstar ColorTouch Thermostats
  • Brultech GEM: supports receiving data from the GEM wi-fi or Ethernet module and has the ability to send the data to SEG or Emoncms.
  • Ecobee Thermostats
  • Generic Data (formerly ISYLink)
  • DSC PowerSeries Alarms
  • Honeywell (Total Connect Comfort) Thermostats
  • RainMachine Irrigation Controllers: supports receiving zone and program status from the RainMachine and has the ability to control zones. Initiate programs, next run, rain delay, rain sensor status
  • ISY Variable/Program Logger
  • CAI WebControl 8 and 32
  • OWFS (1-Wire)
  • Modbus TCP
  • MiLight RGBW Light WiFi Bridge
  • Honeywell Alarm Systems
  • Location Service (Geofence)
  • Tank Utility 

Thanks io_guy!



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