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Nodelink "DR"


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I depend on NodeLink, especially for HVAC in winter, so I need a reasonably fast way to get back in operations if anything were to happen to it. I use an active - passive DR model:

  • I run "prod" on an RPi 2B, and have a B+ I started with for "Dev" and "DR"
  • Both have NodeLink in identical sub-directories
    • I use winSCP to copy over the directory if configuration changes are made to NodeLink
  • Both have mono-service launch commands for NodeLink in rc.local
    • Its "commented out" # on the DR box so it doesn't normally launch.
  • If the prod pi dies, I can un-comment the mono-service command on the DR pi and reboot it. That brings NodeLink up and gets me back in business. Nodelink upgrades itself automatically if the DR copy is out of date.

I'm wondering what alternatives there are others have used? Use of any node server for important services will have this same requirement.



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