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Dot & UDI turning off 4 items at a time can I??


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I have 3 Echo Dots thru out the house and work great for all my lighting and TV, In my basement when I want to turn my TV and 3 or 4 lights off I need to go thru each light to turn it off then the tv which aggravates my wife, I would like to just say "turn off basement"  and the lights and tv would turn off but still have control of each light and tv if need be, anyone know how to do this??  Would it be a IFTTT command  I tried in the ISY & Ech setup but can only use basement command once.



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Create a scene adding all the lights that you want to control as responders only. Name the scene "basement." Add the scene to the portal. Then run the Alexa app discover command. Done.


BTW, "turn on basement" will turn all the lights added to the scene on.

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