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Unable to link a new insteon device! (2842-222) What is exact procedure?

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I am having  a great deal of difficulty in linking a new insteon device (2842-222)   I start with link a new device.   It always comes up with an error.   Request Fails!.   I put in the address (37.AE.2E)  I have used auto discover after pushing the button.    I have also browsed manually to the appropriate devive every time I get Request Fails 

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You need to put the motion sensor into linking mode before the ISY will recognize it. That's true for all battery powered Insteon devices.


Just curious, did you have the sensor just hanging around or did you buy it recently. The 2842-222 motion sensor was discontinued many months ago.

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I had this motion sensor from a year ago!   It was working and I disabled it.   When I enabled it,  it was all screwed up.   I am a bare novice and I don't understand your protocol here on the forum.    If I have used I used a PM accidentally, I am sorry!    My problem is I don't where or how to post properly.    In fact, I thought I was on a forum??    By the way, I did have the motion sensor  activated when I was trying to link.  

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