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GEM: Packet format issues on 0.8.4


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I just revved everything, nodelink had been non functional on my pi for some reason, reboot cured it.

I have packet format set to 14 on the gem but I am getting:


2017-12-05 22:47:24 - GEM: PUT /sites/ HTTP/1.1Host: api.smartenergygroups.comAccept: */*Content-Length: 1058 [gem]

2017-12-05 22:47:24 - GEM Decode Error - Argument 'Length' is not a valid value. [14: gem]

2017-12-05 22:47:25 - GEM: (site (node ? (e_1 77808.78)(p_1 171)(a_1 3.34)(e_2 72156.69)(p_2 1)(a_2 .34)(e_3 132763.48)(p_3 0)(a_3 .24)(e_4 51560.16)(p_4 43)(a_4 .56)(e_5 29923.57)(p_5 9)(a_5 .34)(e_6 37619.74)(p_6 9)(a_6 .12)(e_7 133188.75)(p_7 40)(a_7 .46)(e_8 105356.89)(p_8 229)(a_8 2.38)(e_9 12034.63)(p_9 15)(a_9 .18)(e_10 42148.43)(p_10 79)(a_10 .86)(e_11 110932.44)(p_11 59)(a_11 .56)(e_12 64828.91)(p_12 1)(a_12 0)(e_13 .00)(p_13 0)(a_13 0)(e_14 .00)(p_14 0)(a_14 0)(e_15 39570.23)(p_15 3)(a_15 0)(e_16 162621.80)(p_16 0)(a_16 .12)(e_17 47205.40)(p_17 192)(a_17 4.06)(e_18 64172.87)(p_18 64)(a_18 .74)(e_19 244.92)(p_19 5)(a_19 .14)(e_20 137650.75)(p_20 1)(a_20 0)(e_21 78519.47)(p_21 0)(a_21 .12)(e_22 9328.73)(p_22 1)(a_22 0.08)(e_23 14435.88)(p_23 0)(a_23 0.08)(e_24 150263.55)(p_24 81)(a_24 .88)(e_25 .00)(p_25 0)(a_25 0)(e_26 .00)(p_26 0)(a_26 0)(e_27 161083.66)(p_27 17)(a_27 .22)(e_28 154854.14)(p_28 125)(a_28 1.28)(e_29 94370.20)(p_29 348)(a_29 3.32)(e_30 4456.95)(p_30 214)(a_30 1.84)(e_31 17821.14)(p_31 50)(a_31 .50)(e_32 .00)(p_32 0)(a_32 0.08)(voltage 130.1))) [gem]

2017-12-05 22:47:25 - GEM Decode Error - Unknown Format [gem]

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Nah, mines V2 but it's still a disaster.

The board itself is just a cheapo interface to convert serial to ethernet. It also has a number of security issues which Brultech have no control over cause they don't write the firmware.


I've started playing with adding serial support to NodeLink and connected a Pi RS232 adapter diretly to the GEM com. If i get it working I'm ripping the combo board out.

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