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Motorized Blinds, Appliancelinc, ISY, Echo?


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I purchased a "add a motor" - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N8T8OLQ/  from amazon.  The idea is to motorize my shades - with the ultimate goal of "Alexa open the shades" or "Alexa close the shades".

The device is hooked up & working.  The plug says in the device, when power is given it rotates one way, then I pull the plug, and plug it back it, then the device runs the other way.  While it is a little ghettofabulous looking it does work (or at least for half a day).


I would like to have the ISY turn the device on for say, 1 minute, then shut it off.  So the next time I use the device it will reverse itself & power off.  


Ideal behavior

Alexa turn on the shades, appliance link turns on for 1 minute, then turns off.

Alexa Turn off the shades - appliance link turns on for 1 minute, then turns off.


Any ideas the best way to do this?  What are others doing?



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Insteon_Controller is any controller such as a KPL button or SwitchLinc or Remote button. Insteon_Device is any On/Off device. Do not use a dimmer.

        Control 'Insteon Controller' is switched On
    And Control 'Insteon Controller' is not switched Off
        Set 'Insteon_Device' On
        Wait  1 minute
        Set 'Insteon_Device' Off
        Set 'Insteon_Device' On
        Wait  1 minute
        Set 'Insteon_Device' Off

If you use voice, then On will run Then and Off will run Else. I prefer that On closes the window covering and Off opens it. If you use routines, then you can use Open and Close instead of Off and On.


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