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Moblinc Router setup


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Today I set up my Son's ISY and also successfully installed the Mobilinc Pro App on his and his wife's Iphones. However I forgot how to get Moblinc work outside of his Wifi network.

Is is sufficient to open the port and set the Mobilinc App to his IP address with the port ?

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Hi asbril,

While I strongly recommend our MobiLinc Connect service as it'll add in the following features without any changes to your network:

-          Dead easy anywhere access for MobiLinc apps and access via the Admin Console
-          Multi-ISY Support
-          Full Amazon Alexa and Google Home/Google Assistant integration
-          IFTTT Maker support
-          Rich Push notification support for iOS devices
Today View widget support for iOS devices

If you wish to only use a direct IP and manage the network manually, see this link for a high-level overview on port forwarding:


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