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ISY Portal and Google Home


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I have had an Echo for some time now and it works great (with known limitations) with my ISY.  I just got some free Google Home devices (three minis and one home) and got them all setup.  My ISY devices showed up when I linked the accounts, but I am getting some strange behavior when controlling the lights.  Sometimes it uses my scenes and sometimes it tries to control the individual devices.  They are all different spokens, so I wouldn't think this would be an issue.  I also noticed that Google Home and Alexa integration is separated in the portal, with a new button in the Google Home area for sending changes to directly to the devices (I think that is what it means).  Does this mean I can have different devices, spokens, etc. between the Google Home and Alexa apps?  I checked the wiki for the Google Home integration, but it looks like it hasn't been updated to match what I am currently seeing on the portal.  Thanks...

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There was a copy over from Alexa devices to the GH pages but I found it didn't work properly in many cases.

I have also found GH spokens only understand two words, the first and last.

So if you say Hey Google! Turn on red bedroom lights....GH will turn on everything in the house with those two words Red, and Lights.


As much as I like the smoothness of the GH over the Alexa responses it's HA is just substandard (and dangerous) so far. I am not sure if this is due to the ISYPortal implementation or GH itself. I am starting to avoid using my GH minis due to not being reliable for HA, so far. GH makes assumptions of what I heard and turns on banks of units not wanted. Alexa does not do this.

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Yes, that is exactly what I am seeing also.  I can say "Turn on family room lights", which should only active the scene for those lights, but, sometimes, all the lights in the house turn on or just one light in the family room, etc.  It is very frustrating right now...



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16 minutes ago, asbril said:

I have a very different experience with my  3 Google Mini's and 2 Google Home's. I control lights, scenes and curtains with only the occasional mishap.

I have both systems and they are not very compatible with each other. GH does not have the freedom of phraseology and makes assumptions. Alexa asks again or uses the phoney phrase "There are several devices with that name".


I can  control lights, devices, programs also,  but the phraseology is very restrictive to avoid incorrect triggers.


eg. When GH first arrived, I had to change the name of a my Gathering Room lights.  All  lights were originally  in that room and I had one program called "All Lights". 

Hey Google! Turn on All lights...lit up the whole yard,porch, deck,  and every bedroom,  basement etc. Nobody ever called those devices "All". GH assumed it. :( 

Red Lights and Red Bedroom Lights mean the same thing and Lights (plural) means all of them. Another assumption that causes me problems. GH is very limited to the number of devices due to short naming problems. This may be ISY portal. I am not sure who/what is doing it.

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