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added 2342-232 4 scene remote, now any isy changes cause a write to device?


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I am sure someone will ask for some sort of log to help with this, but I will post my problem first.

I added a 2342-232 mini 4 scene remote today.  it added fine, and it works fine.  But, I then added some other devices, and was wondering why it was now taking 30 seconds as they system updated, for any and all changes.  I happened to scroll up as one of these were happening, and noticed the mini remote being involved in the write.  So now, any and all changes cause a write to the remote.  So, I have not pulled it into of the other scenes I was writing, and this even occurred when I was doing a name change, or a level change on a device in an existing scene.  I am sure I could delete it, and re-add once I was all done to expedite things, but WTF?

Any experience with this?

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I think the remote may still have been in linking mode...I disabled in ISY, and re-enabled, and it seems to have remedied my workload strain.  Please reply if you have any suggestions, experience, or things to ensure.

Thanks in advance!

nope, once I enabled it, it is still acting up.

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Anytime you make a change to a device which is also linked to a battery operated device you need to put the battery operated device into the linking mode in order for the changes to be written to the battery operated device.

You can only have one battery operated device in the linking mode at any one time otherwise the link tables can get corrupted/cross written.




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No, the "10110" icon indicates that the ISY has queued up updates (such as a parameter change or a link-table update) for the device, but for some reason or other, it has not yet been able to do the update of the device.

This is often associated with "link mode", but the ISY does not require a device to be in linking mode for the update -- it's just that when in link mode, a battery-powered device stays awake, making this update easier to perform.

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