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NodeLink v0.9.10 remaining bugs


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Running NodeLink v0.9.10 and the ecobees stats and Venstar are running fabulous now! Your hard work and persistence really paid off here!

I found a few times that NodeLink doesn't like to reboot but after repeated errors a reboot makes it runs for days and weeks without any errors.

This is one error that has happened every few days to a week and it seems to happen as the last poll of the day. It's no a big deal and doesn't seem to affect any performance but since I can capture it easily,  I thought it may give you clues for ny further digging you do on this.

Here is the webpage copy and a small snippet that co-incides with it from the log. The log doesn't seem to  reveal any other details but I included the last few polls up to it.

Thanks io_guy!!!



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Another clue to these midnight errors for ecobees.

I get these for both ecobees, whenever I get them.
       2018-03-22 23:59:33 - Ecobee Timer Error - Index was outside the bounds of the array. [ecobee2]

This only happens when my logging level is Notice or lower and there is no logfile written that day, yet. It seems to be NodeLink trying to close a non-existent file, possibly.

The errors seem to be reported each night if  there is no other lines to report.


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