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How to put Device Values in eMail

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I have a daily "heartbeat" notification set up and it works fine ( 9941ZW, running 4.6.2).  I want to include in the message the current status from a wall switch.  I've stripped everything down to the minimum: message is now "Status is" followed by "${sys.node.ZW033_1.ST}".  With only the "Status is" portion, everything works.  When I add the device info I get nothing.  From REST is get this for the device:

<node flag="128"><address>ZW033_1</address><name>OfficeLight</name><family>4</family><type></type><enabled>true</enabled><deviceClass>0</deviceClass><wattage>0</wattage><dcPeriod>0</dcPeriod><startDelay>0</startDelay><endDelay>0</endDelay><pnode>ZW033_1</pnode><sgid>1</sgid><devtype><gen>4.16.1</gen><mfg>282.257.1539</mfg><cat>121</cat></devtype><ELK_ID>A03</ELK_ID><property id="ST" value="100" formatted="On" uom="78"/></node><properties><property id="DOF" value=" " formatted=" " uom="78"/><property id="DON" value=" " formatted=" " uom="78"/><property id="ST" value="100" formatted="On" uom="78"/></properties>

I'm sure something like this ought to work, but I haven't hit on the correct method yet.


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When you say "I get nothing", do you mean the notification is not delivered at all?   Are you putting the variable in the Subject?

I use variables like ${sys.node.ZW033_1.ST} in notification bodies all the time, no issues.

In my experience, even if you include a totally bogus ${....} variable in a notification body, you'd would receive the "Status is" portion of the message,    How are you sending your heartbeat notification -- through your email provider?


I like to test my notification strings by using the Network Module feature of creating a local HTML document hosted on the ISY itself, like this:



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