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Compatible Thermostats


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I'm getting ready to get quotes on replacing both of my A/C systems.  I want to be pro-active and have them quote a thermostat (mainstream, not Insteon) that is compatible with my ISY (w/z-wave) and can also be controlled via Amazon Echo .  Based on a forum search, it appears that Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U is a good choice?  I have read about z-wave intermittent connection issues with this thermostat.  What is the latest on that?

  • 2 independent systems (up & down), A/C, gas heat
  • Just looking for basic control: on/off, setpoint, heat/cool mode, fan, etc.  I work at home so don't really need 7 day, and if I do I can just implement in ISY
  • Basic control from Echo: on/off, setpoint control.  (via ISY is fine)
  • ISY is v4.6.2 with z-wave and portal integration
  • Question: Is local/remote control concurrent as with the Insteon thermostat?  If I change a setting on the tstat or ISY, does the other update?  Or is it 'either/or'?



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