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James Peterson

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The next updates to Agave are going to take into affect the soon enforceable GDPR regulations.  This will affect 2 things within Agave.

1) Trial Periods.  You wil not have to opt-in to enable the initial trial period.  This is because Agave stores information on a server that contains information about your system.  In particular, a hashed representation of your ISY UUID and the date.  If you do not accept this, you will be redirected to purchase Agave if you have not otherwise done so.  

2) Agave uses Google analytics to tracks usage information so that I can better understand how and how much Agave is being used.  This is not going to affect you as the user any.  It will just affect whether or not I get stats data.  This settings is purely optional.  


Thank you for your time.  back to work.....

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