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NodeLink and Ecobee

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2 hours ago, takesallmytime said:
Need Help, I installed NodeLink in isy. now where the info to add Ecobee3

Welcome to the forum!


Connect to the NodeLink web app-site via your favourite browser.

Click on the NodeLink  "Devices" tab and look for the pulldown menu with a list of devices. Pick ecobee.

In the ecobee Node tab created click on "Request New Third Party PIN". Look in  the Main tab for a four character PIN code that needs to be installed in the ecobee website via their app. This gives NodeLink permission to access your stat parameters and control it.


Click on "Install ISY Nodes" and you should see a new device pop up in your ISY device tree in the Admin Console. Drag and drop the device to  whatever folder you want and rename as desired.







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