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Dome Water Shut Off Z-Wave Turn ON-OFF in MobiLinc


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Hi guys & gals..

 Hope everyone are having a good weekend..

 I added a Dome Water shut off to my ISY and I am able to turn on-off through the admin for the ISY but the MobiLinc APP doesn't seem to have that option. Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to operate it remotely? Maybe make a program to run it by enabling it if needed? 

Otherwise this thing works great.. did not expect it to handle my valve but it does just fine. Just built a program to activate if any of my leak sensors go "wet". 



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Really? Thanks.. I'm on iSY 4.6.2 but doesn't show any auto upgrade options and things otherwise are working fine. My Z-Wave FW is 4.55. Also using IOS with MobiLinc so maybe that could be a issue or the ISY version. Not sure. I created on/off programs as a workaround for now. Hopefully don't ever have a need to control it remotely anyway :) .. 

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