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Does Google Home need to have a Google device (eg echo) to link to ISY

Old Surfer Dude

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I'm trying to get Google Assistant to send commands to my ISY.  I have been successful at doing this with Amazon.

When I follow the instruction, google home looks for a device (eg. echo) but finds none.  I cannot follow the rest of the instructions because I do not have those pages.

I'm getting the felling that one must own a google device to get this working.  Is this correct?

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This sounds a bit confused.
Echo is an amazon vocal input device. Google Home and GH Mini are google vocal input devices. The two don't interact or depend on each other.

The ISY Portal is required for either or both of the above devices. This is an online server that has access to your ISY and your Google or amazon account and translates voice requests to ISY controls.

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Yes, I was confused!  

I would like to say, "OK Google, Turn on Desk Lamp"   The images I've attached show how I have set up the portal.  I have done nothing more.   That is, I have not told Google Assistant how to find SEFHouse or SEFHouse how to find Google Assistant.

Following the wiki, ISY Portal Google Home Integration,  as you can see, I have completed the 10 steps of ISY Portal Google Home Integration.  It is the Google Home Application, steps that I cannot complete.  The problem comes when I get to step 7 after I tap on [Devices] ... scanning ... No devices found.  Step 8 is to [ADD NEW DEVICE].  I don't see that.  

I am missing something, I'm sure it's trivial, but it eludes me.  Do I have to have a "Home device" ?  

As a note, I have set up my Harmony Hub and can say, "OK Google, ask Harmony to turn on video" and, lo and behold, the video comes on.

Thanks for your help.


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Hold the presses!

Instead of going to Google Home, I went to Google Assistant.

1 Open Assistant with  "OK Google, google assistant settings". 

2 Tap settings below


3 Scroll down to [Home control] and tap it


4 Tap the blue circle with the plus 


5 Type "univ" in search box.


6 Tap on [Universal Devices]

7 Log into your Universal Devices account


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